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Livingbox is a design-build firm specializing in custom eco-luxury homes and sustainable commercial projects.

Every building has two major components: design and construction. We handle both. Today, most architectural designs are compromised due to client constraints - budgets, corner-cutting philosophy related to construction costs, lack of vision i.e. aesthetics, etc. High-quality architecture can only be achieved with total quality and cost control by means of directing and managing every aspect of the development, design and construction processes. Our partnership with architectural firm, JS Barmi Architect aspire us to produce built environments that are innovative, yet cost-efficient in design, and more responsive to marketplace demands and consumer tastes. Our main aim is to design and build elegant, superior and cost-efficient buildings that are functional and ingenuous in design.


Design Philosophy

Each day society becomes more environmentally attuned. Living environmentally conscious lives is not only about reducing, reusing and recycling, but also about sustainability.

Greater numbers of architectural projects in Canada are implementing concepts of sustainability. Such buildings feature energy efficiency and low impact on the environment with potential savings in utility bills. This is key to our philosophy of practicing "green" architecture - incorporating into its design and construction, materials and techniques that reduce the impact on human health and the environment. By reducing the operating cost of the building using energy saving features, improvement in indoor air quality, and reducing environmental impact, the firm attempts to balance ecological and aesthetic harmony between the building, and its site context. The goal being implementation of Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC)'s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system in to most future projects.

Environmentally sustainable buildings are the future and the public demands no less. We are dedicated to a standard of excellence and our aim is the uncompromised and complete satisfaction of each and every client.

LivingBox is registered with Tarion New Home Warrany Program in Ontario since 2008.